Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Buzz

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        Many marketing bloggers are swooning over Twitter, FriendFeed, and other instant, fast-paced social communities lately.  It is easily forgotten the blogosphere is still the single best place to build a well-trafficked home for yourself or your business on the web.  Blogging is alive and well, despite what the cynics say – look around at all the people creating new content and the millions reading it daily.

        While many have been enticed by the siren song of Twitter and her instant gratification, plenty of us still enjoy the longer format content that blogs are becoming known for.  Also consider that so much of microblogging is actually made up of people discussing and linking to blogs.

        With so much talk about use of the newer platforms, I thought it would be worthwhile to throw some blog post ideas at you that never go out of style and always generate buzz.  These should be applicable to any niche.

      • This list might be helpful to refer to when writing newsletters also. – post by lopdiigo
    • 45 Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Buzz
    • .  List the 101 essential people, sites, or posts in your niche.
    • Analyze/interpret current trends in your industry, drill down to specific examples.
    • Run a contest and give something relevant and interesting (not necessarily expensive) to your readers.
    • 17.  Create a list of your most popular posts, your favorite posts, most commented-on posts, etc.
    • 24.  Walk readers through a day in your life.  Take photos or even use video.  Put a fun spin on it too (this one is clever).
    • 5.  Interview someone who is upcoming in your niche/field.  This is perhaps more interesting than interviewing someone who already made it – those who are upcoming will be even more passionate about answering your questions.
    • 3.  Do a Twitter search for tweets on a particular subject – display them together on your blog (compile in photoshop).  Create bullet points of trends you notice at the bottom of the post
    • 4.  Create a sense of urgency, for example  write a post titled “How _____ is already reshaping the world” or “Why you need to know about ______ for future success”
    • Tell a story using picture
    • 43.  Create an inclusive list of nice-specific jargon with definitions (sample).

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